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5. Homebridge -> HomeKit

This article is for advanced users.

Apple HomeKit users can integrate VPNKitten into their home-app. It appears as a switch an can turn VPNKitten On/Off. This is usefull when using an Apple TV. In the integrated Apple Home-screen the VPNKitten On/Off function will appear, so you can switch the VPNKitten via Siri and/or Remote.

You need a Homebridge instance running in your network. More information here:


1. Install plugin

In your Homebridge instance go to Plugins, and search for homebridge-http-switch

Press Install..

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-21 om 13.59.08

2. Configure plugin

Go to Homebridge Config Editor and edit file, copy text below and past in the “accessories” section.

Use your own VPNKitten gateway ip-address! Press save and restart homebridge.

            “accessory”: “HTTP-SWITCH”,
            “name”: “VPN Kitten”,
            “switchType”: “stateful”,
            “onUrl”: “”,
            “offUrl”: “”,
            “statusUrl”: “”,
Schermafbeelding 2020-09-19 om 17.59.17

3. Done

When the Homebridge instance is restarted, the VPN Kitten switch will appear automatically in your home-app.

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